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This program will have you crushing your goals, taking you from
planning to reality! Get more done in a week than you currently do in a month!

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Goalchiever Program

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Are you suffering from any of these problems? I can help change that!

Most goal setting and time management training is outdated, it’s the same as it has been for the last 30 years!

These systems don’t account for the fact that life is busier than it was 30 years ago when they were designed. This skills required to plan your goals and manage your time in 2021 even looks different to what you needed in 2020!

Do you want to crush those goals knowing every day that you have
systematically taken another step closer? You will no longer be leaving it to chance.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You have too much to do and not enough time?
  • You’re overwhelmed with all that you have to achieve?
  • You have all the best intentions but never seem to reach your goals?
  • You start projects and never finish them?
  • You’re constantly fire-fighting?
  • You never have the time for the
    important things?

The one thing that repeatedly stops people from achieving their goals is the outdated  systems and techniques that are available in the market place.

Which is exactly why you need a program that uses modern cutting edge techniques to help you confidently move from setting your goals to systematically making them a reality.

Nothing is left to chance.

Let’s crush your goals and make your dreams a reality so you can stop drowning in the overwhelm and begin to live your dreams.



(and no one is offering it to you)

When you finally have a system that moves you a step closer to your goals every single day, YOU’LL BECOME A GOALCHIEVER

The GOALchiever Program will show you how to create an inspired vision, understand the obstacles and how to deal with them (before they even arise), set a focused plan that is
designed for you to easily execute on and a weekly routine that will have you taking the action of a high-performer.


The GOALchiever Program

The ultimate goal setting system that takes you from dreaming and thinking about your goals to making them a reality.

When you have the right tools & strategies in place you will be able to:

What you get inside The Goalchiever Program

Ownership Calls
Every month you will have a 1:1 session where we will deep dive into your plans and your progress. Together we will review your progress, assess your plan and create step by step plans. This is the call where you will take ownership of your plans. No more hiding.

Private Community.
As part of the GOALchiever Program you are part of a community of supportive members who are all on a mission to help one another be the best that they can be. If you're having a rough day or simply have a question there is always someone there willing to lend a hand.

Customised Training
Nothing about GOALcheiver is a one size fits all, we are all unique and need to be treated as such. You will be given a customised plan to help you move through the program and maximise your results. At each stage you will be advised on what the is the next step in your journey.

The Goalchievers Program
Training Modules Include:

12 weekly planing sessions where you will map out exactly what steps and actions you need to take to move you towards your goals. These plans are precise and leave no room for guess work. The mystery of how to get to your goals is gone

Procrastination is the bane of so many people’s day. It presents itself in many guises a big one being perfectionist. The trainings in this module will give you the tools and strategies you need to kiss goodbye to this once and for all.

Having constant interruptions and distractions are a huge issue in preventing people from reaching their goals. Every distraction can take up to 27 mins to refocus and get back on track. That is a lot of wasted time that we are going to teach you how to claim back.

Making good decisions is a skill that is often over looked. How do entrepreneurs really know how to make the right decisions that will drive their business and life forward. There is a science to it the is very rarely spoken about. That’s why we’ve got it covered, to crush your goals you need to know how to make good decisions.

It is all in the execution, nothing is left to chance which is why we even have a module on it. It’s the lack of attention to execution that lets so many people down on achieving their goals but not our GOALCHIEVERS they execute with precision.

Having laser focus is crucial to crushing your goals. It can be hard to do especially when you’re not feeling like it. In this module there are lots of tools and techniques to get you focused and hitting your targets.

Lack of confidence and impostor syndrome keep people inside their own head and stop them from achieving the things that they are capable of. That is why we have given it a module of its own, these trainings will have you believing in yourself and acknowledging your worth and you confidence.

There will come a time when you are crushing your goals that you will need to outsource. This is not a decision that should ever be taken lightly, if done poorly it causes misery all round. This is why we created this module. There is an exact science to outsourcing or hiring a VA and we have laid it out for you step by step in this module. We will guide you through doing this well and getting the right resource to come on-board to your team.



Choose the Goalchiever Plan that’s right for you

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12 Monthly Payments of

$ 1

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One Payments of

$ 1

*receive a 10% discount


You continue as you are, everyday is Groundhog Day. You dream about your goals and create vision boards but the execution is not there. You fail to meet your targets.

You join the GOALchievers Program where business owners like yourself learn to take control of their time and their actions. You build plans that you execute on every day of the week and crush your goals.

I know what you're thinking

“I don’t have the time for this”

“I’m far too busy to fit anything else into my schedule”

“This won’t work for me, I’ve tried before”

“I couldn’t possibly take on anything else”

“If it was this easy I would already be doing it and I wouldn’t be stressed and overwhelmed”

You will NEVER have time if you don’t learn how to manage your time.
You will NEVER achieve your goals if you don’t learn how to systematically execute on the actions.


Choose the Goalchiever Plan that’s right for you

Most Flexible

12 Monthly Payments of

$ 1

Best Value

One Payments of

$ 1

*receive a 10% discount

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is delivered in a combination of:

  • Live zoom sessions with Linda to set your plans and keep you
    focused and on target;
  • Live weekly zoom calls to keep you in ownership of your plans and help you implement new tools and strategies, you are not left to figure this out alone, we do it together
  • Pre-recorded bite size recordings, workbooks & PDF’s that you can use to support your learnings; plus
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group

All group calls are recorded and made available for you to watch at any time.

This program is ‘done with you’ rather than the done on your own method most courses offer. Linda is there holding your hand every step of the way, at the end of every live you will have implemented what you have learned, not learning then implementing. We also look at your business & personal life ensuring that you have balance.

That is exactly why the live calls are done with you calls. All other instructional videos are kept to approximately 15-20 mins to enable you to fit them in during a coffee break or on a commute. Let’s face it, if you’re telling me you’re too busy that is exactly why you need this program.

If you are just starting out YOU ABSOLUTELY need this. If you want to be serious about getting your business up and running without it stealing time from your family and taking over your life you NEED this program to get you organised from the out set. Don’t let the overwhelm and anxiousness take over.

If you want to have the time to grow your business, have the life you deserve and give your family the best of you, you need to be doing more than OK, you need to be in control and know when life gets busy ‘you’ve got this’. Why settle for mediocrity when fabulous is waiting for you?

If you still have questions please reach out to me. You can get ahold of me by email through [email protected]

GPO Box 1284

Online Support [email protected]

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