Top 10 Female Business Coaches That Will Help You Scale in 2021

Our third selection, Linda Nicol, is the founder of ‘The GOALchievers Program.’ She is also a coach, 2x best-selling contributing author, ex-corporate head coach, and mum to 5 small children (including triplets). Linda helps female business owners struggling to get to the next level; move from planning their goals to making them a reality.

Using her unique goal achievement methods, Linda’s clients free up on average 10 hours per week to work on their businesses, increasing incomes by $52,000 on average. Not only do they have extra time for their companies, but they also enjoy more quality time with their families. Participants have stated, “it’s a game-changer”, “getting more done than they ever thought possible .”Linda helps her clients achieve this by focussing only on the critical tasks to success, supporting them, and having her clients take ownership of their actions.

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